The Extent and Use of Artificial Intelligence to Achieve the Big Four Agenda in Kenya

  • Mvurya Mgala Technical University of Mombasa
Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Data mining, Machine learning, Robotics, Big Four Agenda, Kenya


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the human-like intelligence given to systems and demonstrated by machines in doing tasks associated with human intelligence. AI systems can therefore, think like humans, act like humans, think rationally or act rationally. AI systems are not only more powerful and more useful than ordinary computers, but they also solve complex emerging human problems. These systems can be used in areas such as medicine, to conduct guided surgery; transportation, for autonomous vehicle control; face recognition; speech recognition; decision making in agriculture, manufacturing and housing. The present study is a review of the AI technology trend. A search was conducted on literature, technology magazines, and other internet sources. A discussion is presented on how AI systems have been widely applied in the developed world and the extent these systems are being embraced in other countries like China to spar development. Thereafter, this paper discusses the extent to which AI has been applied in the specific areas that relate to the Kenyan Big Four Agenda. The contribution of this paper is a framework that the Kenya Government can adapt in the application AI’s world transforming technologies to achieve its development agenda. We discuss the challenges that hinder full application of the AI technology and present the way forward.

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Mvurya Mgala, Technical University of Mombasa

Institute of Computing and Informatics

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Mvurya , M. (2020). The Extent and Use of Artificial Intelligence to Achieve the Big Four Agenda in Kenya. Multidisciplinary Journal of Technical University of Mombasa , 1(1), 1-7.